lunes, 8 de agosto de 2011

La unión hace la fuerza/unity is strength

It is said that unity is strength. It's true.
The energy that we enjoy a few days ago was very powerful. Powerful motivation for joining us in July: Sketch!
I can not stop talking about unity and good vibes throughout the symposium. The work of Gabi, all the board of USK, the team in Lisbon ... Mario, Eduardo, Pedro .... and the rest of enthusiasts. The speakers and instructors. Volunteers and everyone involved!
Thanks to everyone since the union of work and ambition to make an excellent meeting became a reality. Thanks "friends" Obrigado Lisbon!

This is my first scann...see you soon.

2 comentarios:

Shelley Whiting dijo...

Those drawings are beautiful and impressive. Your sketches are wonderful and full of detail.

NORBERTO DORANTES arquitecto dijo...

Thanks for your kind comments!